For SaaS businesses ONLY – How to Generate More Sales And Getting Growth?

Lots of SaaS business owners struggle with spending a lot of time manually closing and converting sales

I’m going to show you my entire process step-by-step strategy, to help you generate income and sales for your SaaS business and lower customer acquisition cost.

If you’re looking to generating income and sales from paid online ads Or you’re looking to convert leads into high-paying customers, on automation.

This Blog is going to teach The Secret to generate more sales for your SaaS business that digital marketer doesn’t want you to know.

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Now let’s talk about how to generate more sales for SaaS business

The reason people struggle with generating more sales is they don’t know where to start.

Lots of SaaS business owners spend a lot of time manually closing and converting sales, that’s because they don’t have a systemized method to generate more sales repeatedly on automation.

Many SaaS business owners believe you need to hire more sales teams in order to closing sales.

Which simply isn’t true…

The technology of automation makes it easy to engage with leads and generate sales while you’re in deep sleep.

You built great products and you’re already spending money on advertising, but some customers won’t convert because they don’t know the value of your products.

Your job is to make them aware of what you offer and how much value you can provide to change their life.

Make your prospects spend more time with you because the market is too competitive and your Ads and your competitor’s Ads will show together, and because of that is killing your business.

So you need to spend more time with your prospects, educate them, and have their trust and finally buy from you.

The customer’s budget is tight and the human mind has developed, so the customer makes research for smaller things before they buy.

The prospect search on reviews sites checks the YouTube videos and sees what they saying about your products. And also they comparing between different products and pricing, and then they made a choice after one week or one month and some they take 3 months.

So some prospects don’t buy your product straight because they don’t need it now, but they get back later if they wanted.

When the customer has an interest in something, the algorithms will show relevant ads to the customer, and your competitors will show them before and after you.

And because the advertising costs rising every year and your return on investment decrease over time, then it will come a day you won’t handle to pay your bills.

So you don’t have to worry about that because we will walk through the steps and processes to achieve your goals and growing your business while you sleeping… let’s begin.

The First thing you need to start is define your goals and how much you need to have to get the life you desire, and that will lead you how many sales Per year do I need to make this happen? How I get it.?

Some goals seem hard to get, or it looks impossible, but it’s not, because it’s depend on how amazing your products are and how many people love your products and how much you willing to invest to achieve your goals.

The SaaS Growth Machine come to make this happen, you will can launch your current products and new products every 3 months on your leads and your current customers without spending money on advertising.

Whether you want to launch current product to leads and current customers who never bought your products or you want to launch new products.

So the first point is, you need to ask your current customers, leads and your audience about their goals and problems to get an up-to-date feedbacks about the problems they’re face, moreover, you could even make a call with them to know more about their situation.

Secondly, update your message according to your feedback, and apply it on your entire campaign, and write a webinar launch campaign, sales campaign and close campaign.

After that, launch your webinar campaign by send a launch email before two weeks, before one week, before one day and before one hour, to make sure we have enough attendees to run the webinar.

Then, during running the webinar and educate your attendees on Zoom, we start show them the problems that they’re suffering from and the solution we had and pitch them with our product at the last 15 minutes of webinar. answer their questions, turn the objections and close some sales.

The secret of generate more sales from webinar attendees, and who never take a chance to see the webinar is by follow up. So, we start to send webinar-replay though email after one day, and if they don’t close, then, in the second day with we send them the second email contain webinar-replay link and sales message with link to sales page to close them, and the third day we send them a sales email with three links to close the prospects.

Next, we start an email sales campaign to close more sales by sending 13 emails for 3 weeks, contain value stack emails to send prospects to blog posts and give a value first, and send the offers later to generate sales.

Finally, we start a closing campaign to close miss sales opportunities because there is a time to sale and time to close. So, after someone clicks on buy button or filling the order form with credit card information but without purchase the product, we start to send them an email after one hour to ask them about what prevent them from buying the product.

And send them a second email in day 4 to ask them if they had questions or something don’t make sense, and after that, we send the last email after 7 days and we ask them is it the price, the offer, or something isn’t clear? To make sure to increase our conversion rates.

After that, if the campaign done well, we start to automate all these campaigns to work for you 24/7.

And after that, you need to think to build a consumption products to current customers, because they already trust you, know you and easy to sell them… This is the secret of growth.

And for any other they don’t convert, that’s fine because some prospect needs time to know you before they convert. So just send them nature emails with valuable content and engage with them, help them, and definitely, launch SaaS Growth Machine every 3 months.

So let’s dive into the DEEP process…

1 – Discovery stage

Discover the customer’s pain points and the process you need to take to help them fix their problems… and make your products irresistible.
for example, let’s say you have cold email outreach solution, so your prospects need more money to make their life better.
And your job is to give them your unique solution to help them reach their goals, find more clients and make more money.

Define the future they dream about, maybe they need a big house or have more time with their friends and families, or just back to home early.

So you need to know what motivates your prospect to take desirable action because motivation leads people to buy from you.

List out the benefits of your products and how will help your customers to achieve their goals, and that can be done by converting the features into benefits.

And because your prospects don’t need a landing page, they need an online presence to show their products and service and make sales.

To make sure you’re building an effective customer avatar, there’re some questions about the customer avatar you should answer:

What do they feel now?
Let’s say your customers feel hopeless because they have little time to spend with their families and friends and money for financial freedom and other activities.

What do they have?
They have a house and a small business and a blog post and stuff.

What do they not have?
They don’t have freedom, and they’re suffering from headaches and stress because they’re working 16 hours a day to keep up.

What does the average day look like?
They’re working from 7:00 AM get back to home midnight, they have little time to themselves and life.

What about their States?
Married or single.

How do others see them?
They see them as untrustworthy because they don’t have authority.

How do they see themselves?
They see themselves and unconfident because they hopeless, and they don’t have the power to keep up.

What do they want to have or not have?
They want to have freedom of life from stress and headaches, and they want a beautiful house with a garden.

What do they want to feel?
They want to feel confident with their life full of opportunities and success.

What an amazing average day looks like to them?
Leaving work early and going to the gym hang out with a friend and spending a wonderful time with family and kids and do some fun activities.

Who do they want to become?
They want to become a successful man on earth that everyone wants to meet and talk about him.

How do they want to be seen?
They want to show as successful.

What are they doing now to achieve that?
They are just spending money on advertising.

After you read these questions, check the forums, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, and see your prospect’s posts, comment, and find what problems they’re facing.

And also you could connect with people on social media and simply ask them these questions and reward them or just give them free consulting and ask them these questions.

Let’s talk about the customer journey…

The customer becomes smarter, more suspicious than ever because the budget is tight and the world is changed with crises.

They do research on Google and YouTube to find out the quality of that product and what others say about it before they buy.

We are humans and we face a unique situation, but it’s almost all of us the same, so you need to ask yourself:

What problems prevent them from sleeping at night?

What the thing they don’t want it in their life?

What are their fears?

And you can also make a list from 10 problems they have and they want to remove it forever, and make sub other 10 problems and choose the top 3 of them and use it in your landing pages, videos, ads and more.

And the last thing is to define the solution they need to take in order to solve their problems.

2 – Building Content

The second stage is building content, content that grabbing the attention of your visitors clicks the sensitive buttons on their brains and convinces them to buy your products.

Present yourself as an expert in your industry through content, don’t worry if you’re not the #1 expert!

You just need to use your knowledge and help your followers to solve their problems and they will see you as a master.

You can talk about how to do things, success stories, case studies. use whiteboard and talk, or just voice over with the presentation if you don’t want to talk on camera.

Give value to your leads as much as you can by giving them, cheat sheets, Ebooks, assignments to make sure they spend more time with you and remember you.


Some contents generate high conversion and some fail, so you need to ensure writing high killer content that generates great sales for your businesses and avoiding wasting money for nothing.

So the system that will help you generate leads and convert cold and warm leads into sales for your SaaS business is divided into five parts:

  • Ask campaign.
  • Webinar Sign-up page.
  • Thank you page
  • Launch webinar emails.
  • Webinar content.
  • Follow-up campaign.
  • Sales campagin.
  • Close campagin.

And we will talk about these points to help you understand and use them for your business.


Before that, we will talk about the basics of writing convincing copy that convert to give the knowledge you need to write your copy.

How to write an eye catchy headline?
The headline is an important part of any kind of content because, without it, your sales page won’t convert.

And headlines catching the customers’ eye to encourage them to read the rest of your sales page.

So for that, check the 4Us’s techniques to write killer headlines that generate high conversions for your SaaS business.

What are 4U’s techniques?

  • Urgent.
  • Unique.
  • Ultra-specific.
  • Useful.

Now let’s get started with urgency…

Urgent gives to your visitors feels they should click, open, read the content, save it later and they should take the action now, otherwise they will lose.

For example, “This is the best way to grow your Facebook page today “,

“10 facts you should know about marketing SaaS business before 2022“.

So the words like “Today” and dates gives urgent, and if the visitor doesn’t read the content, they will miss an enormous opportunity.

The second technique is Unique…

Our brain loves new things and unique ideas, so check these examples:

“5 Deep Secret about advertising that digital marketers don’t want you to know “,” The killer technique that helps me generate $1000 a day for my SaaS business”.

And the third techniques is Ultra-specific:

Prospects like to get the details before they reading something, for example:

“How to Generate More Sales For Content Creation and Publishing And Increase return On Investment? “.

This is the blog post headline you’re already reading, it’s called ultra specifics because I mentioned it for SaaS business owners only. And the problem they will solve is selling products and the type of market is content creation and publishing and the result you will get is a return on investment.

So if you search for this type of blogs posts, you won’t find it in another place because it’s too specific.

The last technique is Useful, and the simple way to say it is to be useful and help your readers.

Now, the famous formulas to write a sales letter and convince your prospects to take desirable action, so check these formulas:

  • AIDA formula.
  • PAS formula.
  • One sentence persuasion formula.

Let’s begin with the AIDA formula:

What is the AIDA formula?

  • Attention.
  • Interest.
  • Desire.
  • Call to Action.

Attention means headlines that gripping the attention of the prospect to read the rest of the content, and you can go back to the headlines section and using 4U’s technique.

Interest means get the prospect’s interest for your product or service, and that made by converts the features to benefits.

Customers don’t care how awesome your features are, the customers care about themselves, and the only way to make your prospect’s interest is to show the benefits of every feature you have.

for example:
If you’re selling SEO tools and let’s say the features are keyword research, backlinks building, and if we want to convert to benefits, it will be… for keyword research is:

  • Find new topics.
  • Makes you target the right audience.

And for backlink building are:

  • Getting better search engine rankings.
  • Get referral traffic.

And that’s means you show the list of results they can get if they buy your products.

Desire is the motivation for your prospect by showing the future they will get and testimonials of your past customers and what they say about you and your products. And also case studies to walk through how they succeed using your products.

And with all that makes the prospect trust you, love you, and of course… buy from you.

Call to Action it’s a button or statement to encourage the prospect to make a desirable action, for example, giving urgency “Buy it Now”, “Start Today” or “Free trial” etc…

Let’s talk about the PAS formula

What is the PAS formula?

  • Problem.
  • Agitate.
  • Solution.

Simply start talking about general problems and the crises of the world and the market situation, and narrowing down the problem on the business and personal level, and presenting your unique solution will solve all the problems they have.

For example, let’s selling a landing page builder product:

“The crisis COVID-19 destroys the real estate market all the world, and most likely it’s a threat to shut down your business and struggling to pay bills!
This is not the end… Because we have a solution to solve all your problems and get the life you want, I present __________ (your product name). ”

The One Sentence Persuasion formula
There is a book called “The One Sentence Persuasion Course”, a brilliant book and I recommended you to read it.

You can use this formula like a sales letter for a sales page or video or when talk to face to face, and you don’t need to study a hundred books to learn how to persuade.

People will do anything for those who

  • Encourage their dreams
  • Justify their failures
  • Allay their fears
  • Confirm their suspicions.
  • Help them throw rocks at their enemies.

By encouraging someone to reach his goals, justify failures for your readers and every failure is not their fault, allay their fears with success stories and wise advice.

Confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their enemies and they will trust you to guide them and help them solve their problem.

Testimonials and Case Studies
And Yeah, this the best part, so did you know the video social proof and solid case study alone will generate sales for your businesses!

Because people love case studies because they need something to allay their suspensions to make it easier for them to decide.

So you need to work on building your testimonials and case studies to have an irresistible product and successful business.

If you already have customers, so you need to send them emails every two weeks to ask them for social proof.

If you startup businesses then you need to collect five persons and offer them one year free subscriptions and exchange with case studies and testimonials.

And I encourage you to ask them to record a video for your product and brand to build and grow your businesses.

Call To Action
This is the last piece of any content, so use it wisely because your business depends on it. Put a button in front of your prospect to make them sign in, sign up, buy from you, contact you and you can make whatever you want.

And also some calls to action, just words to encourage the prospect to take any action with you.

So these formulas and techniques will help to write high converting content and generate sales for your business.

And the best part you can use them in your Facebook Ads, landing pages, and also in your video content and sales videos.

What is Leads Magnet and how to build one?
The leads magnet is a smart way to generate valuable leads from cold traffic for your business by using Videos, cheat-sheets, templates, Ebooks, webinar and some training and give it away for free with High value.

How to use lead magnets to generate leads and sales?

Let’s say you have content creation products like landing page builder and you want to sell them to freelancers. The best way to use a leads magnet in this case by making a webinar video for 60 minutes long and teaching in these videos “how to attract new customers? Or how to build a landing page for your customers and getting $2000? even if you never worked with clients”.

The only way to make someone give you their emails is a leads magnet… Like a free trial, splinter product, templates, cheat sheet, ebooks, and short training.

And ensure building high-quality leads magnet that connected with your products and leads magnet should convince the prospect to buy from you.

Now the big question is…

How to create a leads magnet?
Let’s get started with the methods:

  • Webinars: you can make slides using power point or other software and talk.
  • Turn a high-performing blog post into a PDF (Ebook): copy and paste to a word or you can use Google Docs and add more things like a link inside PDF to a hidden tutorial video.
  • Create a quick checklist: You can use google docs or google sheet and build a checklist or to-do list and solve visitor’s problems.
  • Case study: If you are a digital marketer, then show your prospects how to do things to achieve results.
  • Short tutorial: Make a video for yourself for about 30 minutes and educate your leads with short and valuable information… and of course, many people love short tutorials… and I recommended it.
  • Infographic: People love infographics, and you can turn your content into infographics and exchange it with email and you can use PIKTOCHART.
  • Free Trial: In our case, when you want to educate prospects on Convince machine pages, you could give them 7 day’s free trial with full features to try it on.

How to write a sales letter or sales page?

We hook the prospect with our killer headline and we consider these points in our headline:

  • Refer to the audience by name.
  • Tell them what you’re going to help them do.
  • But without doing something they expect to do.

For example, the headline could be “Real estate broker: how to build your online presence in your first week and booking more clients,”.

The problem
After attention, you spoke about the problems that your visitors are facing, and make it painful and keep dive into personal life and families to make them remember and convincing them to take action to do something about that.

So it’s easy to make people take action through emotions.

The perfect future
After you show the pain, you show them the future they wanted, so describe the beautiful future if they solve their problems.

The Solution
Your product is the gap between the problem and the future, so offer your product and president to them as a solution to their problem.

The Benefits
There’s a lot of business offer the feature of their products but they don’t offer the benefits.
For example, let’s say you have a web hosting business and you write “50GB Disk space and unlimited visitors a month,”, that help a few people who they know what it is, instead, you say “ 50GB Disk Space to handle high-quality images and videos and unlimited visitors a month to grow your business without limitation,”.

So help people to give the benefit after any feature and make them interest to buy your products.

People may be interested in your product and say, “yeah that’s interested” but you need them not just interested, make them want your product.

Let’s say if you have a mobile app builder Saas business, to make your visitor desire you should say “Build your professional mobile app in 5 minutes, no coding knowledge required”.

Adding some case studies and social proof of your past customers to encourage them to buy from you, and you can use screenshots, videos, case studies, and customer feedback.

Call To Action
Take the charge and lead people to take action, and the best way is you tell people to “Buy it Now” now not later and you say it like a command and you want them to take a risk so you say “30 Days money-back guarantee, no Question asks “.

So you can use the previous techniques and formulas to write high converting sales page with high converting video sales letter.

How you are
Introduce your name, job title, mission, and your expertise and how you can help your client to achieve their goals.

Ally your prospects fears and make a Guarantee for your products as 7 days trial or full refund no question asked.

Another testimonial

Call To Action

Be in your customers’ brains and answer their questions before they even ask.

Webinar Sign Up Page?
This page makes leads and customers attend the webinar to give you their information and a sign to show you who are interested in your offer and message.

What are the primary elements of a webinar sign up page?
– Optin form to collect attendees.
– Headline to grap attantion.
– What they get bullet points.
– Compelling reason to opt in.
– Problem we’re solving.
– Promise to reader.
– How they’ll benefit bullets.
– Video.
– Why this is important, and they need it now.
– Remove top menu.
– Thank you page redirect.

Thank you page
Thank you page is a great page to sell splinter products, sign up for your free trial, selling your $9 product to lower customer acquisition cost.

First, we thank our leads for sign in with us.
“Thank you for sign in up, You will receive your email within 20 minutes, and meanwhile check this video below.”

Second, we start with the headline.
“How to build a landing page for your business and getting an online presence?… Even if you don’t know how to code.”

Define the problem your prospect’s face.
“Make a website for your business takes all the time and costs a lot of money.”

Your unique solution.
“See How (Brand Name) changes the way to build a website’s FOREVER and save your time and money.”

Video sales letter for splinter product or tripwire.
“Check this video Below,”

After the prospect watches the video, we add the call to action button.
“Please, show me the offer,”

The promise and the benefits.
” You’re going to build websites without coding and save your time and money and become free.

100 stunning Templates with 1-year support and a short program help you become a PRO.”

Call to action button.
” Please, show me the offer”

Link to make them feel guilty if they don’t take the action.
“No Thanks, I don’t want to grow my business; I want to lose more money and my time.”

And its work will effective if you include testimonials and case studies of your previous clients.

Email marketing
Emails have an enormous impact on building an audience and generate sales, and emails are the backbone of any business, especially for SaaS businesses.

To write successful emails like follow-up, sales emails and launch emails, etc… you should consider these some points to make your emails more convincing, more active so let’s dive in:

Personalize your Emails
To make your emails to be seen, you need to be personalized to increase your open rates by over 20% according to HubSpot.

When you email your friend, what do you say? Does it make sense to say “Dear John” to your best friend or you just say “Hi, John” or “Hey John”.

Using a Short Sentence
Because there is much more information around us, and sometimes you become less patient with reading emails, especially with long-form emails.

Mobile Friendly
Did you know, according to Optin Monster, smartphones get an average 40% open rate for all industries?

The interesting part of it’s when you use brief sentences in your emails, it’s become more friendly for smartphones.

Email marketing providers like Active CampaignMailchimp, and others provide responsive HTML templates to make it easy for you to send emails friendly for smartphones.

Call to Action.
To get the most benefits from your emails, add Call To Action links or buttons to make conversions to your website.

For example, with the call to action, you can convert your leads to blog posts, sales pages, webinars, or just statements to contact you.

The best practice is to make your call-to-action buttons big as possible for smartphones because of that you will increase your conversion.

To get higher open rates for your emails, you need to segment your audience.

According to Campaign Monitor when you segment your campaigns, you will drive a 760% increase in revenue.

You shouldn’t send one email copy to all your email lists, because your lists have multiple demographics, interests, and industries.

So when you send emails to specific audiences, you get a high open-rate because your audience is relevant for what you write and offer.

AIDA, PAS, One Sentence Persuasion Formula
These formulas work like a magic when you writing emails and consider these formulas in every campaign.

After finishing the content, you need to audit the content before publishing, so you need to answer these questions and tweak your content and I got a BROWSERS to BUYERS questions from talented copywriter TAMSIN HENDERSON at CopyKooks and it’s so powerful:


3 – Predictable Data and Testing

Before Launching any campaign and spending money, you need to check if the campaign is worth or not. By check your previous data and predict how many attendees, sales, and profit you will make if you do this campaign.
You see if you try this and find it worth then test, otherwise you need to change the offer and the message… But never change the product.
And for testing you can use these strategies and campaigns:
– Ask campaign.
– Launch webinar emails.
– Webinar on Zoom.
– Follow-up campaign.
– Sales campagin.
– Close campagin.
After finishing the test, you can check how much you’re spend and how much you made, and if you see it’s worth to automate, then start automate. If not worth then change the offer and the message.

4 – Design

Visualize your system with the content according to your brand, make changes on colors and content as you like, jump from page to page and check if the system is amazing from user experience before dirt your hands with development.

This stage you will convert the sketch and the content and the plan into a stunning design that helps you see your work fully using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD.

It starts with making sketch and draws all the lines and diagram on paper to make it easy to erase and change avoid wasting time and money on shit low-quality design and user experience.

After sketching, you have the Idea how the layouts and design looks and the user experience; we draw the bases on Adobe XD using the scratch we made with full system…. And I mean with emails too.

Use rectangles and circles to draw the bases, and connect all actions together, make it responsive, and try it out on multiple devises. make every this as suggestions and play round the design, and make changes as you like, add colors, logo, and photo of your videos… Just Have Fun.

After finishing the design, make your team, colleges, friends to try it out, and give their opinions, because some time you maybe forget something or your design it’s hard to understand, tell everyone to try on multiple device and to give you their advice.

And the best practice on your design, you need to make it easy to understand pure and comfortable; you don’t need more random elements on your design, your prospects need something simple and easy.

And another thing, you need to consider on your design is fonts size because you have the control you need to move the prospects as you like and take their attention.

And that can be done by making the high priority words as big as possible, when you want to take attention for title, make it like a heading H1, and for the second priority is heading H2 to take a second attention.

And the last thing is paragraph and lists, and also you can take attention using colors, when you use red color, you can get high attenuation and also yellow color and it’s work as warning and danger.

Backgrounds it’s also works fantastic especially as a background for words, when you add red color or any color you have on your branding color, and change the color to white or black or anything that suite to the design… it’s will be a fucking killer design.

Use animation like shack or bounce and also color changing repeatedly, this is will give to your prospect a magical experience that they never forget you and your content and encourage them to take a desirable action.

So open your new workspace and make the size on Adobe Xd for Laptop and Desktop as Width 1920px X Height 1080px and for mobile devices width 1080px and height 1920px, and for IPad width 768px and height 1024px, and also you can use the same sizes for landscape to mobile and IPad by switching the sizes and convert the size of the width into height and height into width.

For posters for your system you can use Adobe Photoshop or Canva if you don’t know how to design and also for videos you can shoot yourself using smart phone, and edited using apps you can download from Google Play and Apple store.

Or you need to make it a professional and use some software to help to edit and make animation, add texts and effects using Adobe After Effect or for a simple way you can use Vidello.

And the best thing and I recommended for you is to hire a professional team to production the work and make lights and clarity sound and the positions and using a professional camera like Canon or Nikon and a director to create an amazing video and training using storyboard.

5 – Development

This part when you build your profit machine and add everything in action and generate leads and more subscription sales for your businesses.

We will build the system using WordPress and ActiveCampaign for automation and Beaver builder for build the pages, Funnelytics to analyze the data and improve the growth machine.

You need to your WordPress because it’s make your life easier, when you want to update, make some changes and it’s a popular platform.

Instead of the coding from scratch, you need to hire a professional team and if it happen something to your system, no one can solve it better than that team and if they quit or close their business, you’re down.

So by using WordPress you can teach your team or hire someone to solve your issue without to jump around.

Now let’s dive in… shall we…

Setup Wp-Engine and installing WordPress
WordPress dominates the market and you can do anything from basic landing page service websites to e-commerce and SaaS businesses using powerful plugins and stunning themes.

And it works smoothly with Wp-Engine hosting because it’s built for WordPress only with high speed. Check how to set up Wp-Engine with WordPress.

Register on Wp-Engine, login > Add new site and fill in a site name > add production environment and fill the name > create a new fresh installation of default WordPress.

Install beaver builder plugin to build your pages
Beaver builder is a powerful tool to build your profit machine and create stunning pages by drag and drop.

And also you can create, update and improve your system without dirt your hands with coding, and it’s available free and premium.

Also, if you’re comfortable and used using alternative plugins like Elementor and Divi, that’s fine because they all great tools and they give the same results.

Check the steps on how to install beaver builder…

Go to admin panel of WordPress > click on plugins and add new > search for beaver builder plugin, setup and activate, build your pages with beaver builder…Check this video and see how you can build pages using Beaver Builder.

Install ActiveCampaign For Automation

This is how will help you change your dam life and make it easier and more comfortable. You will engage with your leads, warm them and convert them into high-paying customers that love you and follow you while you’re sleeping at night or traveling with your family.

It will help you redirect your leads and send emails at the right time on automation, and make segmentation and send relevant emails to your audience.

After connecting ActiveCampaign, we create Leads list and Sales Camp List, and the best part of ActiveCampaign is you can use diagram to automate the system.

And we create different emails like reminder emails, welcome emails, sales emails and Scheduling all that and make it engage using automation, so we can send it at the time we want to make sure the prospects follow us all the road.

So if they open the first email, then they will enter the leads list and if they don’t, then they will add to sales camp list, and the same time they enter the custom audience on Facebook and we can make remarketing campaigns later, And all that you can do it with active campaigns.

Check the steps on how to set up…

Go to admin panel of WordPress > click on plugins and add new > search for ActiveCampaign plugin > install and activate.

Configure the WordPress plugin settings by supplying your ActiveCampaign API URL and Key, so log in to ActiveCampaign account > click Settings > click “Developer”.         

Under the API Access section heading, you’ll see your API URL and key. So copy your API URL and Paste the URL into your WordPress site, then do the same for your API key.

In settings of ActiveCampaign in WordPress click the “Connect” button

After finishing building pages, connect forms through beaver builder with ActiveCampaign.

Create a sub-domain and build the security
The best practice for your business is to create a sub-domain on different hosting. And make sure you separate your landing page from the profit machine and avoid your main landing pages from choking with huge visitors.

And focus on security because everyone will send you their name and email, so protect your visitors’ data from stealing.

Choose a sub-domain for your system > Create DNS and setup on Wp-Engine, transfer sub-domain from your hosting to Wp-Engine.

Adding an SSL to ensure all traffic on your site is server encrypted and their information save.

Install head and footer code plugin
This plugin will help you set up requirement scripts on the head or footer without damaging your WordPress system, but be careful with the scripts you add.

And the reason we install this plugin because you need to use scripts for redirecting and remarketing from your favorite platforms like Facebook, Google… etc.

Install Facebook Pixel and Funnelytics script
You need to have these two fantastic tools to help you capture data of your website visitors and create a custom audience. And start a remarketing campaign and measure to check what page should improve.

The Facebook Pixel will record the data of your visitors and check how many visits this page and what pages they visited.

And you can create a custom audience from Pixel and choose a special name for that audience.

Facebook will suggest you a choice for you to create a similar audience to those who visited your landing page to run ads on them.

So the plan is you can build a custom audience who already buy from you and find similar people and running your campaign to redirect visitors to the light bulb moment page.

To set up on your WordPress website follow this instruction:

  1. Go to Events Manager.
  2. Select the pixel you want to set up.
  3. Click Continue Pixel Setup.
  4. Click Use a partner.
  5. Select a WordPress from the list.
  6. Select Advanced matched and continue.
  7. Download the plugin.
  8. Go to your WordPress website and go to Plugins -> Add New.
  9. Upload the plugin.
  10. Activate the plugin.
  11. Click on get started to make a connection with Facebook Pixel.
  12. Click continue with your Facebook account.
  13. Create a new business manager.
  14. Click Done.
  15. Agree and click confirm.
  16. Test the connection if its works.

And the second part is Funnelytics, and this an analysis tool to help you check the entire data from and simulate the data and define the revenue and the amount you want to generate per month and year.

So you will know how much you should invest the get a desirable result, and after you run the campaign, you will know the difference between the simulation data and the real data, so from this point you will know what part of the process you should focus on and improve.

Testing the system from A – Z from opt-in and checking the emails and links and videos to make sure everything works and because you don’t want to waste your money.

So go to the webinar sign up page and enter your name and email, and check if you will redirect to the thank you page.

Check your inbox, see if you receive an email, click the links, and see if it’s work, watch the video and try to download the worksheet button.

Try again with another email and try to not opt-in, and try remarketing campaign with $1 and click on the ad and opt-in.

Use five different emails to opt-in on the light bulb moment page and try this practice:

  • The first email opt-in but does not open the delivery email.
  • The second email opens the first page of convince machine pages but leave the second page.
  • The third email opens the first and the second but leaves the third page.
  • The fourth email opens all the pages until he read the sales page but he doesn’t buy.
  • The fifth email goes across the convince machine pages until he buys the product.

You need to check all that and maybe it takes days and hard work but it worth it.

6 – Promotion

After finishing developing your profit machine and testing, we launch this campaign on current customers every 3 months until they convert.

After that, you need to think of building new products and launch to current customers because they are easier and cheaper.


According to ZMOT research from Google, your prospects need to see your offer 8 to 11 times on average or spending 7 hours with you before they buy from you, and some they take from 1 month to 6 months until they buy because they need to know you, trust.

If serious about generating more sales for your SaaS business and get growth and wake up with new customers to serve… Let’s get in touch

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