During the economy and pandemic in the world and the market has been affected. Businesses have closed their doors, and some who live have been more careful with their budget, therefore, that kills your business… And prevent you from getting growth.

So, the question you need to have an answer to:

How to increase the customer lifetime value and get growth for my SaaS business?


Firstly, you need to increase your conversion rates for every product you have, furthermore; you need to launch and sell your current products to current customers.

In addition, you need to figure out and build a new process to help your current customers to achieve their goals and solve their conundrum besides launching your current products. 

And that can be done by building new, irresistible products and launching them to current customers rather than spending your money on customer acquisition.

So, the following strategies will help you increase your conversion rates and we will show you how to do that:

  1. Ask your audience, leads, and current customers about the problems and their goals and find what they hope to achieve, moreover try to talk with them.

  2. Take the feedback from the previous action and use it to build your webinar’s content and script.

  3. Launch the webinar campaign by sending emails before two weeks, one week and one day and one hour, to make sure everyone is in.

  4. Start the webinar and talk about the problems, trends, myths, solutions and pitch them in the last 15 minutes with your service.

  5. For those who haven’t bought your product or missed the webinar, we begin sending 3 follow-up emails with a webinar replay after one day and try to close them.

  6. Start with sending sales emails for those who haven’t bought the product, due to the fact that the secret of making sales is by follow-up with them for 3 weeks.

  7. Some prospects will get interested and fill the order form nevertheless some of them leave without buying, for a reason. So you need to start a closing campaign and send email after one hour, 4 days later and 7 days to ensure we increase our conversion rates.

  8. After that, check how much conversion rate you make, and if you hit the nail on the head with the results, next, you need to automate all the action to make sure you get the same results every time.

  9. After that, if you have other products, then you need to repeat these strategies to take control of your conversions.

Finally, always try to build new products and launch to current customers because they already know you, trust you, and are easy to sell to them. Besides, you don’t have to gain new customers and spend money on advertising and wasting a lot of time, money and effort in building trust and closing.

For more details, step by step…Read this guide.