A Light Bulb moment page is an effective and fastest way to generate leads and build an email list to your business, and it’s really great because it’s focused on a specific niche and target, in other words, it’s called Lead generation machine.

You may wonder…

What are the primary elements of a Light Bulb moment page?

1 – Landing page with a convincing copy script.

2 – Video explainer for showing benefits or Images.

3 – Opt-in form.

The secondary and external parts are : 

1 – Lead magnets.

2 – Thank you page.

3 – Email Autoresponse sequence.

How does the Light Bulb Moment page work?

After you direct visitors through paid ads or free sources to Light bulb moment page, the visitors will be hooked with the valuable sources you provide, so they will be excited to get these valuable free sources.

Visitors will fill the Opt-in form with their name and email address to exchange with the sources you provide.

After your potential leads fill the form and submit it, they will direct you to the Thank you page.

But how do they get their Valuable sources or lead magnets?

They receive an automated email with a link to download their lead magnets.

After that, we start to engage with our leads with 4 to 5 Emails sequences to build a relationship to trust you and prepare them and pre-frame their mind to follow your emails and most likely they buy your products.

What kind of tools can you use to build a Light Bulb moment Page?

You can use WordPress For fast work and easy to edit and make the changes you want, and you can use page builders with high-quality templates like Elementor plugin or beaver builder plugin to build your Light Bulb moment pages.

for auto response emails use mail chimp or active campaign.