The leads magnet is a smart way to generate valuable leads from cold traffic for your business by using Videos, Cheat sheets, templates, Ebooks, and some training and giving it away for free with High value.

You may ask.. How to use lead magnets to generate leads?

A lead magnet doesn’t work alone, it needs to work with some qualify Leads pages like a Squeeze page, free+shipping page

And Webinar page and give value to your leads and exchange the lead magnet with emails.

For example, Let’s say you have content creation products like landing page builder and you want to sell it to freelancers, and the best way to use a lead magnet in this case by making a small course like 5 videos with 6 minutes long and teach in these videos (how to attract new customers? Or how to build a landing page to customers for $2000? even if you don’t know how to code ).

And let’s say you have a consulting business and you want to attract more leads, so make a webinar page and make a free webinar with a cheat sheet and offer personal consultations to your leads.

Now the big question…

How to create leads magnet?

There PLR product with white label licenses and you can edit, give away or sell it… but from my personal perspective, I encourage you to make one by yourself because it’s more personal and more relevant to the idea you want to achieve.

Now let’s get started with the methods:

1 – Turn a high-performing blog post into a PDF (Ebook):

copy and paste to word or you can use Google Docs and add more things like a link inside PDF to a hidden tutorial video. 

2 – Create a quick checklist:

You can use google docs or google sheet and build a checklist or to-do list and solve visitor’s problems.

3 – Give away your personal routine:

If you are a digital marketer, you can write your routine on pdf like what hobbies and what sport do you like and what your favorite sites and forums…etc.

4 – Short tutorial:

Make a video for your self about 5 minutes and educate your leads with short and valuable information… and of course, many people love short tutorials… and I recommended it.

5 – Free Live Webinar:

Most webinars created to sell high ticket products, but you can use replay webinars as lead magnets by making an hour lesson plus checklist and exchange with email.

6 – Infographic:

People love infographics, and you can turn your content into infographics and exchange it with email.