Sales funnel also is known as a sales process that leads people from the awareness stage to buyers stage and sells products or services based on value.

So you have three value base:

1 – Low value with low Price or free, knowing as a Tripwire or splinter product.

2 – Medium value with medium price knowing as a core offer product.

3 – The high value with high price knowing as a high ticket product.

The marketing funnel process from an online perspective contains several web pages that lead people from page to page and value to value until the goal has been achieved.

You may ask how marketing funnels work exactly?

Why should we use funnels for our business?

Some business has an online website, and that website contains static pages like (Home page, About us, Our service or products, Contacts), and if you drive Cold traffic (People who don’t know you) from paid ads to your website pages and you don’t have a plan to qualify leads, so you just lose the money thrown on the ocean.

If you saw the video above, you have the knowledge of the difference between a website with funnels and without it.

The important things you should know before building a funnel is the buyer journey.

Check this out:

1 – Pre frame stage:

If you want to attract cold traffic to your website, you need to educate people before offering anything because some of them don’t know you and of course; they don’t trust you and they aren’t aware of what kind of problem they have.

So your job is to educate people and show them the pain of the problem and what they need to solve the problem and make your products the solution that solve all the problems.

So in this stage, use Blogs, videos, articles, and emails to pre-frame people’s minds and figure out their problems, and be the expert that leads your prospect to the solution and builds a rapport with your potential customers.

2 – Qualify leads/subscribers stage:

After your cold traffic realizes they have a problem, from this point you should turn them to leads and build lists with them through an email sequence.

You may wonder what the purpose of Qualify leads to?

the purpose is you can sell many products or services to a single prospect and make money from him as much as possible and, it’s better than just trying to attract new customers.

So in this stage, we use the Opt-in form or Light Bulb moment or free+shipping page or Webinar registration and email sequence to engage with our prospect and send lead magnets to build a relationship and give them a value, and offer products to them.

3 – Qualifying buyer’s stage:

The next step after Qualify leads and builds a relationship after 6 emails, we try to qualify buyers and see who is the buyer and who just wants free things.

so here we segment our leads to a different list, buyer list, and leads list.

The way to qualify buyers is by selling Tripwire or splinter products through a delivery page with a too low cost between $7 to $67 or a 14 day trial for SaaS business.

4 – Identify buyer’s stage:

The last step after qualified buyers, we send our buyers to the sales page to sell Core offer products and High ticket offers.