What type of tripwires?

There are many types of tripwire you can test.. Include: 

1 – A part of an Ebook.

2 – Free or paid trial.

3 – A part of the software.

4 – Free Webinar.

5 – Part of tutorial or program.

6 – 15 Free Consulting.

But the important thing with tripwires is it should connect directly with the Core Offer Product.

If you are a digital marketing or SaaS business owner and you may hear about (Tripwire), and you may be interested in what it is and how it’s a benefit for your business.

Tripwire is a low price, high value, and irresistible piece you can use to qualify buyers from your leads…. How?

First, know that, not every lead comes to buy your products or ready to buy because they didn’t see your products or they don’t know how much your product is valuable and a lot of times your leads may afraid to take a risk and pay the money, So Tripwire is the answer to this specific challenge.

Tripwire is in another word (Splinter product).

If you have a software or subscription platform and convert leads to first-time customers, so you can use a part of the software and sell it for a low price with medium value, or for a subscription platform you can make a free trial or you make it $7 for 14 days and give your leads a chance to try your service and how is valuable to them,

but notice and remember this point…

You should make your tripwire high quality because this the first thing your leads will see in your product and also should give the best value that makes your leads desire for more.

You may wonder if there other benefits with Tripwire…?

Of course, you will get pure profit by increasing your revenue…

For example, You have tripwire cost $10, and you generate leads from paid traffic source and cost you every leads $1, and the benefits come when you generate 10 leads and that cost you $10 and 1 people buy tripwire, so in this case, you get 10 leads for free and 1 potential buyer and of course you return $10 in your pocket.