Life is changed, and the market is too competitive, and the need for survival has come.

Because of all of that, you need to convince people to buy from you, and if you want to do that, help them and give them the information they need to decide.

If you have products, show the benefits to people and how their life will be after they buy your products.

So before you dive in with steps, see these examples below from famous brands. 

Now let’s dive in:

Step 1: Attention

hook your visitors with attractive headlines, and the best way is to give a solution to your visitors.

Step 2: The problem

After attention, you spoke about the problems that your visitors are facing, and make it painful and keep dive into personal life and families to make them remember and convince them to take action to do something about that.

So it’s easy to make people take action through emotions.

Step 3: The perfect future

After you show the pain, you show them the future they wanted, so describe the beautiful future if they solve their problems.

Step 4: The Solution

Your product is the gap between the problem and the future, so offer your product and president to them as a solution to their problem.

Step 5: The Benefits

There’re a lot of business offer the feature of their products but they don’t offer the benefits, for example, let’s say you have a web hosting business and you “write 50GB Disk space and unlimited visitors a month”, that help a few people who they know what it is, instead, you say “50GB Disk Space to handle high-quality images and videos and unlimited visitors a month to grow your business without limitation”.

So help people to give the benefit after any feature and make them interested in buying your products.

Step 6: Desire

People may be interested in your product and say, “yeah that’s interested” but you need them not just interested, make them want your product.

Let’s say if you have a mobile app builder SaaS business, to make your visitor desire you should say “Build your professional mobile app in 5 minutes, none code knowledge required”.

Step 7: Call to Action

Take the charge and lead people to take action, and the best way is you tell people to “Buy it Now” now not later and you say it like a command and you want them to take a risk so you say “30 Days money-back guarantee, no Question asks“.