Every business and personal life needs an adviser, a leader, big brain to turn the lives in the right direction.

With this ability, we should become more visible and more bright to show the world what we are capable of and how can we help them achieve their goal and change their life.

Because of that, the world will change and to be visible is become harder and harder every year.

So what we do to be more visible?

We need to use new tactics to inspire people and to be known, and leave the old ways.

Generate leads, you may hear these words before or maybe not…So…

What is a lead generation and what differs from the old way?

Generating leads is converting the Cold traffic (People who don’t know you) to Leads “People trust you, love you”, and the old way is when anyone visits your website, some of them..no.. a lot of them…They will be hangout for the pages like about us and home page and services and a little of them will go to contact page to submit their emails.

So watch this video to understand the differences between the old way and the new way.

So what do we cover in these steps?

  • Converting cold traffic to leads with webinar registration.
  • Start a webinar.
  • Prepare an automatic webinar to work 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Now it’s time to work with steps.

Step1: Converting cold traffic to lead.

This is the first step you should do by using free or paid ads with search engines like google, bing and social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and of course through blogs and direct them to Webinar registration page, and invite them to register to the webinar and sending them an email for the date and time of the webinar and welcome message for our leads.

Step2: Start a webinar.

After we invent our leads to a webinar, we host a webinar and speak to solve problems by defining the problem and the future of their life if they solve their challenges and make our self as a solution for their problem and pitch them at the end of the webinar to buy consulting service.

After that, we decide if the webinar is successful or not by finding if we succeed to book calls for consulting.

And of course, we should make more of one webinar to compare the result and knowing what webinar is more successful.

Step3: Prepare an automatic webinar to work for us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so this is fantastic because you’re making money while you are sleeping… cool… right?

There are webinars like EverWebinar and EesyWebinar, we can prepare a webinar to work all week and 3 times in a day and make auto-response to chat and send the offer at the right time and pitch them and get contact email and phone or even if you are not there.