Because of the computation and the people’s minds are involved, so we need new tactics to stand out from the crowd.

In this topic, I will cover everything you need to know to help you generate leads for content creation products.

You may ask…

What type of content creation products?

Any software helps to create content like videos, images, audio, and text, and software include (Video editor and recorder, Banner maker, App builder, Website builder, and copywriting tools… etc).

You may also ask…

What are the benefits of generating leads?

  • Increase revenue.
  • Continue to Sell more products.
  • Lower advertising costs.
  • Lower customer equation cost.
  • Pure profit.

What tools do we use for generating leads?

  • WordPress CMS and Landing page builders like beaver builder and eliminator.
  • Auto Response emails (Automation) like Active campaign and MailChimp.
  • Lead magnets like (Cheat sheets, Ebooks, Short Video and courses, Guides, reports, templates).
  • Video Sales Letter.
  • Blogs.

How does lead generation work for content creation products?

First, we create something to hook people to read and take action and give us an email…

Let’s give an example for video editing software and social media banner maker…

For these kinds of tools, we hook business owners with content like (How to write a video sales letter that generates sales?) or  (7 step-by-step guide to making an effective Facebook post), you Must make sure your Hook (Title) and content are relevant and connected straight with your products.

Second, we Build Lead magnet’s related to this topic like:

  • Two pages cheat sheet.
  • Or a free webinar.
  • Ebooks.
  • Templates.
  • Short video course.

And we make Free for giving it away and the content it’s should be short for example (5 minutes video or 1 or 2 pages templates) and should be easy to follow and fun and give value to our leads.

Warning avoids low-quality lead magnets because it’s the first thing your leads will see.

Third, We build Landing pages like a Squeeze page and thank you page and delivery page.

we start to use paid and free traffics from multiple sources like social media like Facebook, twitter…etc, and search engines… like google and bing …etc, and we direct people to Light Bulb Moment Page with an opt-in form to exchange lead magnets with emails and names and send them to thank you page.

And with the thank you page we have an opportunity to upsell Tripwire product by showing to our leads video sales letter.

Fourthly, after 20 minutes we deliver lead magnet through email and give them a link to direct to the delivery page to download a lead magnet.

And also there is another opportunity to show them a video sales letter for our product.

Fifthly, we start to send email sequences to engage with people and make them trust us and love us and want to buy from us and try selling to our leads a Tripwire /Splinter product to qualify buyers and use their credit card and continue to buy other products.