Pay…Pay…Pay and finally, you never see results, many business owners and marketers like you have a struggle with Facebook advertising, suffering every day to find out the best solution to target the right audience, and don’t lose the money.

I know what you’re facing, we all of us in this situation, so don’t worry, I will help you with that, I will give you 5 powerful strategies to build your custom audience to improve your Facebook Ads campaign and get desirable results.

So, let’s get started with an example for mobile app builder platform saas business, to understand the process and apply these methods to your business.

What we cover in this topic:

  • Define Your Goals.
  • Knowing your Audience.
  • Unique Solution.
  • Build your Content.
  • Game Plan.

Define Your Goals

Walking without direction, it’s like walking in the dark, so you need to define your goals, to know what to do, and what kind of content you should build, and what target audience you should choose.

Maybe your goal is to generate more income or increase your revenue or generate leads, so you need to be clear with your goals and what you want to achieve.

Now, let’s get started with an example:

Let’s say, your goal is to increase your subscribers, and you want to increase to 30% in 6 months.

You have 4000 subscribers and to increase 30%, it’s mean you should get 1200 new subscribers.

Knowing your Audience

To get better results, you must be more specific in your niche, to be more focused on your messages and content.

Now let’s define our target audience:

Business Type: Restaurant.

Occupation: CEO.

Location: New York, San Francisco.

Gender: both.

Challenges: High competition, Low orders.

Fears: Closing, Not handling taxes and rent, never pay his/her mortgage, losing his/her house.

Their dreams: Success, become number #1, rich, expend, sleep at night.

We focused on fears and challenges because it’s a powerful emotion and gives a reason for your prospects to take action with you.

Unique Solution

Define the best solution for your audience, your mobile app builder platform has multiple purposes for all industries, but here you should choose one and focus on your message.

Let’s say, the best solution is a Loyalty program with the Delivery app, so from here, your solution can build loyal repeat customers and increase delivery orders for restaurants, and generate more income.

Build your Content

With these Facebook marketing strategies, you need to build 4 videos to engage with your audience and one video or post to offer your products or service.

The secret is you begin to Pre-frame and educate your prospects to aware they have challenges and they should solve it, so let’s dive in:

Get Attention
This is the first video, and here you should get the prospect’s attention, and explain the problem they are struggling with, and the best solution to solve it, but never talk about yourself, just being helpful.

Make Them Interest
The second video is to pre-frame and make them interested in what you say, and present the benefits of solutions they needed, and how this changes their lives.

A Future They Want
In video number three, make your prospects imagine how their lives will be when they have a mobile app for their restaurants, and with explaining more about loyalty program and delivery app, and how it’s a value to them, that makes them desire to get it.

Make Them Disappointed
Here you may wonder why I want to disappoint them after encourage them?

First, you make sure your audience desires for what you say, and after that, you need to show in video number four is how hard it’s to get these apps and how much it cost, and the time they should spend to build one. And with that, you widen the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Your Unique Solution

Video number 5 it’s all about making yourself and your products as a unique solution, any problems you said in video number four, you should make it easy for your prospects in this video, and offer they can build their app within 10 minutes, and the cost is too low, and of course no need for any coding knowledge.

Game Plan

Let’s explain the strategy, to get a better understand of how it’s work:

Day one
When you’re starting to advertise the first video in your target audience, some of your audience will interest in what you talk about, and continue to watch your video to the end, and with that, you will build a first qualified custom audience.

Day Two
Go to Facebook Ads Manager and create a new custom audience and choose a video, and name it as a first custom audience, and choose everyone who watches 50% and above from the first video, and click create audience, to create the first custom audience.

Check these screenshots below:

And after that…

Advertise your second video to the first custom audience and qualify who truly likes you, and add them to a third custom audience.

Day Three and Four
Repeat the process with the third and fourth videos, and get the final qualified audience.

Day Five
Start to advertise the products you have to a final qualified audience because they’re more likely to buy from you.


The main game is building your own relevant custom audience, to promote specific products to a specific niche, and make them know you as an expert, to trust you and buy what you offer to them.

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