Every business needs to do email marketing, to generate more sales and increase revenue, because of that, I’d like to share with you 9 email marketing strategies for successful email campaigns.

What we cover in the topic :

1- Personalize your Emails.

2- Using a Short Sentence.

3- Mobile Friendly.

4- Call to Action.

5- Segmentation.

6- Using AIDA Formula

7- Automation

8- Give free away.

9- A/B Testing.

Email marketing looks like a big mountain on the sea for your business, everyone sees the small part, and the big part unseen, works behind the scene.

For example, send email sequences to engage with your leads, make a special offer for specific customers, launch new products, and sell more products.

And that’s what email marketing is.

Now it’s time to begin.

1 – Personalize your Emails

To make your emails to be seen, you need to be personalized to increase your open rates by more than 20% according to Hubspot.

Let’s get started with an example to understand this point:

When you send an email to your friend, what do you say? , Does it make sense to say “Dear John” to your best friend or you just say “Hi, John” or “Hey john”.

Do you know what I mean?

Talk to your leads and your customers like you talk to your best friend.

Use your prospect’s name in your emails to be more personal, and also use your real name with a small photo beside your name, to be more engageable.

Make your emails more personal like this “yourname@companyname.com”.

Check this example below from my email inbox, this email comes from Neil Patel’s:

Do you see the yellow color?

If you notice he uses his picture and his name when he is engaging with his prospects. He uses the word “You” many times when he writes. So when you use words like “You” or “Yours”, it’s much more to be engageable and of course, increase your open rates.

2 – Using a Short Sentence

Because there is much more information around us, and sometimes you become less patient when it comes to reading emails, especially with long-form emails.

So how do hell we fix this issue in our campaigns?

The answer is Short Sentence, you should make your sentence short as possible, to make your reader scan your sentence quickly, without becoming boring.

Maybe wondering, how many words should be in one sentence?

It’s should be 10 to 12 words in every sentence, check this example below from thrive themes from my inbox and see what’s more comfortable for you:

From these examples, you will notice the second email is more scannable.

3 – Mobile friendly

Did you know, according to Optin Monster, smartphones get an average 40% open rate for all industries?

The interesting part it’s when you use short sentences in your emails, it’s become more friendly for smartphones. Many email marketing providers like Active Campaign, Mailchimp, and others, use responsive HTML templates to make it easy for you to send emails friendly for smartphones.

4 – Call to Action

To get the most benefits from your emails, it’s when you add Call To Action links or buttons to make conversions to your website, for example, with the call to action you can convert your leads to blog posts, sales pages, webinar, or just to contact you.

The best practice is, making your call to action buttons big as much as possible for smartphones because of that you will increase your conversion.

The second best practice is making urgency and sounds like a command by using “Now” or “Today”, so check this example below from my Inbox :

5 – Segmentation

To make sure to get higher open rates for your emails, you need to segment your audience. According to Campaign Monitor when you segment your campaigns, you will drive a 760% increase in revenue.

Segmentation is profitable for your business, and there’s a difference between sending one email to all your list or send to a specific audience.

You shouldn’t send one email copy to all your email lists, because your lists have a multiple demographic, interest, and industry, so when you send emails for specific audiences, you get a high open-rate because your audience is relevant for what you write and offer.

6 – Using AIDA Formula

The most important part of your email marketing strategy when you write an email copy, it should influence your readers to engage with you, and the success of your campaign depends on what you write.

So what is the AIDA formula?

It’s meaning Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. When you put all these things together on email, it’s just Boom, you win.

Now let’s define the AIDA elements.

  • Attention: this is the important part of the AIDA formula, it all about getting your prospect’s attention to open your emails, and if you don’t get the attention, whatever your content is, and how much it’s valuable, your campaign will fail.
  • Interest: You need to get the prospect’s interest in what you offer and that done with converting the product’s features to benefits.
  • Desire: Show to your prospects the better future they will get if they use your products.
  • Action: Make your prospects do what you want them to do by using a call to action button.

And you can do it by yourself or hire an Expert Copywriter to do it for you, now check this example below from my email inbox:

If you notice, the red color is attention with urgency “Last Chance!”, and the blue color is interesting, they want to make me interested with the offer by giving me a 20% discount, and the green box, it’s all about desire, and the orange color is Call to Action Button with urgency and command “NOW”.

7 – Automation

The great thing with emails, you have the power of automation, let’s say you have an email list and you divided into two parts:

  • Qualify Leads list.
  • Qualify Buyers list.

And all of them need a specific email copy and the time they will be getting the emails.

For example, when you want to qualify leads, you need to send 5 to 10 email sequences to engage with them.

And if you want to sell your splinter product for a low cost to qualify buyers, you need to convert them to a sales page after 5 emails to buy from you and add them to Qualify Buyers list.

And after that, you continue to send emails with a valuable resource to the buyer’s list to sell your main products and make a profit.

8 – Give Free Away

Everyone loves free stuff, who doesn’t, even you, so why don’t you use it for your campaigns?

This is the best practice for you to generate leads and make them trust you and engage with you.

According to Campaign Monitor, when you send lead magnets to prospects, you will get a 70.5% higher open rate and a 152% higher click-through rate than normal emails.

The things you give it away for free are called Lead Magnets, and by using your blog posts or converting copy with an opt-in form, you have a massive chance to exchange the lead magnets for valuable information like Emails, the lead magnets include:

  • Hidden blog posts.
  • Short course (5 minutes or less).
  • Ebooks.
  • Checklist.
  • Cheatsheets.
  • Templates.
  • Webinars

And that shouldn’t consume your recourse and time when you build it.

9 – A/B Testing

The most important part of your email marketing campaigns is testing, what I mean by that you should test everything, the copy of your emails, images, lead magnets, call to action buttons and links.

By testing, you have the key to success, you can check to see if your emails work properly or need to change something, and by that, your campaign will be improved.


What kind of business you have, I highly recommend you to use an email marketing strategy, to grow your business and stand out from the competition, and using the power of words and make people take action with you immediately.

For what you learn, you need to improve your campaigns and make A/B testing for everything, to get incredible results to increase your open rates and your income.

Now, let me ask you a question:

What Kind of lead magnets will you use for your email marketing campaigns?

Note: If you get value from this blog, Don’t forget to share it with your network.