This is the best time to turn your website into the lead generation machine and getting credible benefits, and that could be increasing your revenue, selling more products, booking more calls, and inventing more people to a webinar.

To help you get all these benefits, I’d like to share with you 6 ways to optimize your website and generate more leads for your business.

What we cover in this topic

  • Power of Words.
  • Opt-in Form.
  • Lead Magnets.
  • Live Chat.
  • Social Proof.
  • Test…Test…Test.

Power of Words

Did you know, the words responsible for 99% of your conversions, and 1% it’s just tools like opt-in forms.

So your website should have a convincing copy to make your prospects interested in what you offer, and make them desire your offers and lead them to exchange with you their valuable pieces of information like emails.

When you write, persuade your prospects by using power words, for example (effective, stunning, grow), or using urgency like (Now, Today, Instant, this Summer or this Year), or just Make it useful and using (Guides, How to, Process).

Opt-in Form

To generate leads from your website, you need an Opt-in form to collect your prospect’s email to engage with him later through an email sequence.

There’re many ways to use opt-in forms on your website, and all these ways have the same purpose but different conversion rates, and which include blog posts, squeeze pages, pop-ups, registration forms, and contact forms.

Check these examples below to know the different uses of the opt-in forms:

This is the blog about Instagram, and if you notice, they add a button to download free 25 Instagram templates, and these templates it’s relevant to the blog’s topic, so when you download, they will know what your interests and they send you their offers later through emails.

Check these screenshots from HubSpot :

Image source

After you clicked, they redirect you to squeeze page in the screenshot below:

Click here and see more details about this page.

After you click on the “Download Now for Free” button, this pop-up shows to collect your email.

Another way to collect emails by using paid ads to send visitors to squeeze page and persuade prospects to exchange lead magnets with their emails.

Image source

Pop-ups are annoying, but it’s useful to generate leads when your visitors want to leave you.

Image source

Registration forms useful when you have a free webinar, your visitors can register and give you their emails, to watch you and learn from you. And you have an excellent opportunity to pitch them with your products or service at the end of the webinar.

Image source

And some businesses pitch their clients through phone calls or emails, so the best thing you can do is using the contact form.

Lead Magnets

This is the major part of generating leads, by using free give away, you can easily encourage people to give you their emails, everybody likes a freebie, especially something that can give value to your prospects.

The leads magnet include:

  • Free 15 minutes consultation.
  • Pdf guilds how to.
  • Short course.
  • Templates.
  • Case Studies.
  • Cheatsheets.
  • Demos.

Live Chat

This is the best opportunity to engage with your prospect, wherever your prospects are on your website, with live chat, you help them answer the questions and lead them to make a desirable action, and that’s a powerful tool to generate leads.
This screenshot from Many Chat and the fantastic part is they chat with you through Facebook messenger.

Social Proof

Some times, even if your prospects have an interest in what you offer, they have something that holds them from taking a decision. And that’s because their minds developed and they want more information before making a decision.

Social proof is the solution, to make your prospect trust you is by using client testimonial and case studies.

Image source


When you apply everything you learned on your website and generate leads, test everything to improve your system by making the A/B split test.

Compare your results to see which pages work better and choose the right pages that generate more leads to your business.


Your website works as a brochure, and when you combine these tactics above together, you will have a lead generation machine that works for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

So, what you should do now is define your goals, possibly your goals are getting the prospects to contact you or your goal is sending an offer to your leads.

Now, Let me ask you a question:

What the best way to generate leads from your website?

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